Dan and Bec Reardon (3)

Mystery Moree Party


Thanks to everyone for such great dress ups…… it made it hard to allocate the awards below as everyone was really best dressed.

Best Dressed Female: Sarah Osbourne and Sal Blair as Fook Mi and Fook Yu – they looked great and made those outfits from the children’s section of Target.

Best Dressed Male: Richard Johnston as the Indian of the Village People – after all he was forced by his wife to wear no shirt all night.

Best Group: KISS – I know this is bias but they all looked so great.

Best Group: Moulin Rouge Ladies – again they all looked great and there were a few happy husbands.

Best Cross Dresser: Dave Boland as Thor – he had to ask the Target if they had a ladies dress that would fit him.

Best Performances: Jane Vickery as Christina of Moulin Rouge – she certainly missed her calling in life.

Best Performances: Joff Cannington as the Tinman – stage hog….. but then again he did spray paint himself silver.

Best endowed: Geoff Manchee of KISS – Fliss is a lucky woman

Most in love husbands: Stu Gall as The Mad Hatter admiring his wife Karen as Scary Spice

Most in love husbands: Angus Vickery as Danny of Grease admiring his wife Jane as a Moulin Rouge Lady

Most in Character: Brad Cogan as Dr Evil with sidekick Stu Blair as Mini Me – a bit too into the character and obsessed by their pussies

Best X Rates Photos: Bruce Monie and Chris Kelly as Fatty and Sterlo – don’t show your children their photos……………

Best Team Effort: Village People – too many wandering hands amongst them.

Barry Humphries award: John Carrigan as the Sargeant Pepper Beatles – no-one knew who he was under the outfit.

Scariest Award: Broughton Boydell as George Harrison in his Indian days – Broughton bought this outfit for wearing around at home.

Victoria Cross Medal for Courage: Skye McDonald as the White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland